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  • Dried onion slices

    Color: White, brighter yellow
    Moisture: 12% max
    Packing: PE,PP or carton
    Container capacity: 8MT/20FT

  • Dried onion

    Color: green, natural aromatic flavor
    Plantation: Haiduong province
    Moisture: 12% max
    Size: 3x3mm
    Broken: 5%
    Packing: 2 liner PE outer PP or carton, 14-18kgs per bag
    Drying processing: AD
    Container capacity: 5MT/20FT

  • Dehydrated slice onion

    Coliforms: negative
    E.coli: negative
    Extraneous materious: none
    Irradiation treatment: none
    Packaging: PE, Carton (net 20kg)
    Port of loading: Hai Phong Port, Viet Nam