Social responsibility


with the goal of sustainable agricultural development

Visimex not only helps the farmers in improving product quality, developing economy but also perform activities to protect the environment, produce clean, avoid harms to the ecological environment.

Social responsibility programs of Visimex aim to improve the farmers' production awareness towards the community and society.

We create jobs for farmers, sharing benefits to partners and preserve the typical agricultural products industry in Vietnam such as cinnamon, star anise, cashew nut.
Taking care of the poor farmers who want to contribute to the community and the development of Vietnam's agricultural industry
Doing business honestly, bringing mutual benefits to all business partners
Sharing values, time and knowledge with the farmers, giving helps to improve their life and sustain the development of agricultural products in Vietnam in the face of challenges, difficulties and strict regulations of the market.

We obey the Biotrade & Organic Rules such as:

Conserving biodiversity
Sustainable use of biodiversity
Equally sharing the benefits gained from the exploitation of biodiversity resources
Socio-economic development towards sustainability
Compliance with national and international laws
Respect the rights of stakeholders
Transparency about land use rights, rights to exploit and use resources and knowledge