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Using plant residues, Binh Phuoc cashew growers put agricultural mulch to compost decayed leaves as manure, improve organic humus, and […]

Using plant residues, Binh Phuoc cashew growers put agricultural mulch to compost decayed leaves as manure, improve organic humus, and increase soil fertility.

As the province with the most significant cashew acreage in the country and once considered a local poverty alleviation crop, to increase the productivity of the orchard, in recent years, the people here have boldly applied science and technology to production. The application of agricultural mulch to compost decaying cashew leaves as manure, improve organic humus, and increase soil fertility is one of the effective solutions.

The benefit of using organic fertilizer made from cashew leaves

Visiting the cashew garden over ten years old of Mr. Vu Van Tan’s family in Phu Trung commune, Phu Rieng district, we were amazed at the development of cashew trees. Thanks to enough nutrition, the trunk and roots are enormous, the foliage is wide and thick, and the leaves are less susceptible to damage. Pests and diseases, the ground is porous without a shadow of grass.

Mr. Tan said that his family has 5.5 hectares of cashew; through research in books and newspapers, he found that applying agricultural mulch brings many benefits. In 2013, he started experimenting only with the first crop has yielded positive results. Instead of burning as before, farmers now can use all plant residues in the fields. Fertilizers, healthy cashew trees, good resistance to pests and diseases, and productivity increase from 2 to 3 quintals yearly.

The model of composting cashew leaves as fertilizer using agricultural mulch by the family of Mr. Vu Van Tan.

“When the cashew leaves fall simultaneously, my family rakes in long beds covered with Trichoderma and powdered lime to quickly rot the leaves and grass. The cashew tree’s roots float on the ground, enough nutrients to raise healthy trees. The agricultural mulch also keeps the soil moist and prevents it from being washed. As a result, the soil is very porous, rich in nutrients and reduces investment costs, especially during the season. Thanks to the clean yard, the cashews fall. Down to where it is exposed on the ground, it is not mixed with leaves and leaves to prevent the loss,” Tan shared.

How government support turning the cashew leaves into organic fertilizer model

Seeing the model’s effectiveness, the agricultural-service cooperative of Binh Thang commune, one of the largest cashew-growing and farming cooperatives in the Bu Gia Map district, also boldly deployed it for members to apply in production.
Mr. Ho Ngoc Anh – Chairman of the Farmers’ Association and Director of Agricultural – Service Cooperative in Binh Thang Commune, said that Binh Thang has 2,391 hectares of cashew. The commune has 190 farmer members who have joined agricultural and service cooperatives. Most farmers produce cashews according to the organic process combined with agricultural mulch, reducing fertilizer costs and helping achieve high yield and quality, selling at a higher price.
“Thanks to the clean process, several cashew processing, import and export companies in the area have invited foreign partners to visit and survey directly at the garden to sign regular purchase contracts,” said Anh excitedly speak.
Similarly, in Bu Dang district, the locality has the largest cashew growing area in the province, with nearly 60,000 hectares.

Widely disseminate the method

To widely disseminate the method, the Agricultural Service Center of Bu Dang district has built 29 models in communes and towns in the community, organizing seminars, training, and propagating the benefits for union officials and farmers at the grassroots level. Each model is built on an area of ​​1 ha, which costs 4.6 million VND, of which the State supports 1,675 million VND, and the rest of the farmers implement the reciprocal model. The method is simple, convenient, low cost, and non-toxic.

Agricultural engineer Tran Minh Hieu, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Service Center of Bu Dang district, said: In recent years, cashew growers often clear the fields before harvesting by spraying weeds, spreading weeds, and even burning leaves. In place. Spraying herbicides is both costly and harmful to the environment and human health. Meanwhile, using agricultural mulch has many benefits, such as taking advantage of plant residues as organic fertilizers, improving soil fertility, creating a favorable environment for beneficial microorganisms to grow, and regulating temperature. The temperature keeps the soil moist, not washed away, prevents weeds and harmful insects, and helps plants grow well.
Le Thi Anh Tuyet, Deputy Director of Binh Phuoc Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that farmers had used agricultural mulch for a long time. Especially for gardeners who grow and trade in clean vegetables, tubers and fruits. However, because of the habit of burning leaves and spraying herbicides, a variety of farmers still do not really want to apply this new method.

Source: https://nongnghiep.vn/bai-5-bien-la-dieu-thanh-phan-huu-co-d307543.html

Visimex Cashew nuts

Known as a company specializing in providing organic agricultural products to domestic and foreign users, Visimex has constantly invested in modern technology and machinery, trying its best to accompany farmers in developing organic cashew.
Recently, Visimex has built an ISO standard factory in Binh Duong and opened a cashew purchasing station in Binh Phuoc – the number 1 cashew growing area in Vietnam.
With the desire to bring organic cashew products to the international market, Visimex has produced a series of cashew-related products: raw cashew kernel, spiced cashew nuts, and improved product designs to meet the diverse needs of users.
Customers looking for spices and agricultural products originating from Vietnam will find comfort and satisfaction at Visimex because we always attach particular importance to product quality. Understanding that quality is the vitality that affirms the company’s reputation in such a highly competitive environment, Visimex promises to provide customers with the best quality products, following the principles that the company always aims to achieve: Customer satisfaction is our passion.

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