Boost Energy with Gymmer’s Organic Cashews!


Organic cashew nuts are a type of nut that is always in high demand on the market. In addition to […]

Organic cashew nuts are a type of nut that is always in high demand on the market. In addition to their high economic value, they also have a number of nutritional benefits that are beneficial to health. With so many nutrients, are they suitable for gym-goers? In this article, we will discover the benefits of cashew nuts for gymer, the reason why we can say” Boost Energy with Gymmer’s Organic Cashews!”

  • Why Choose Organic?

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the journey to bodybuilding for gym-goers. A proper diet provides energy, builds muscle, and optimizes workout performance. Among protein-rich foods favored by gym-goers, white cashews stand out as a popular choice with various roles.

The nutritional content in 100 grams of cashew nuts includes:

Energy: 605 Kcal

Protein: 18.4 grams

Carbohydrates: 28.7 grams

Fat: 46.3 grams

Fiber: 0.6 grams

Vitamin E: 0.9 mg, K: 34.1 mg, B6: 0.417 mg

Calcium: 28 mg

Sodium: 12 mg

Potassium: 660 mg

Magnesium: 292 mg

Folate: 25 mcg

Exploring the Boost Energy with Gymmer’s Organic Cashews!

  1. Abundant protein source:

White cashews are an excellent source of plant-based protein, with 5 grams of protein per 28 grams of nuts consumed. According to studies, protein plays an crucial role in building and recovering muscles after each workout session and is also a nutritious food for gymers to improve performance and goals.

  1. Optimizes metabolism:

White cashews contain a high amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, helping regulate blood cholesterol, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and support efficient metabolism. This allows gym – goers to keep a healthy weight, a toned physique, and overall well- being 

  1. Provides essential vitamins and minerals:

White cashews are a treasure trove of essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, which play a vital role in maintaining nerve function, enhancing muscle strength, supporting energy production, and improving the immune system. Replenishing these nutrients keeps gym-goers energized, trains effectively, and boosts immunity.

  1. Perfect choice for snacks:

White cashews, with their nutty flavor, are the perfect snack for gym-goers. Nutrient-rich, convenient, and portable, cashews provide instant energy, helping gym-goers stay focused and maintain their performance all the day.

  1. Promotes fat burning –  gymer’s organic cashews.

The high fiber content in white cashews promotes a feeling of fullness, reduces cravings, and assists gym-goers in effective portion control. Moreover, fiber helps boost metabolism, burn fat, and support gym-goers in aiming their weight loss goals and attaining a lean physique.

With many benefits such as: high protein, beneficial fats, vital vitamins, minerals, and fiber, we believe cashew nuts  provide optimal support throughout your workout routine. By integrating white cashews into your daily meals, you pave the way for a robust physique and triumph on your fitness expedition. Let’s help you improve your organic cashew nuts with Visimex

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