Many opportunities for Vietnamese spices and flavoring products


With geographical advantages spanning many climates and soils, Vietnam possesses spices and flavorings with very specific quality, different from similar […]

With geographical advantages spanning many climates and soils, Vietnam possesses spices and flavorings with very specific quality, different from similar products in the world.

The world’s demand for importing pepper and many other spices and flavorings is increasing, this is an opportunity for Vietnamese spices and flavorings to reach out to the world market. Among the spices of Vietnam, pepper is very famous in the world market and accounts for the highest proportion of export turnover. Up to now, Vietnamese pepper has been present in 110 countries and territories around the world. The volume of Vietnamese pepper exports currently accounts for 60% of the world’s pepper exports. Mr. Le Duc Huy, Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Pepper Association said: “Currently, Vietnam is maintaining a pepper area of ​​130,000 hectares with an output of 180,000 tons/year. Despite the Covid-19 epidemic caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite many difficulties, Vietnam’s pepper exports are still stable. Along with the quantity, the quality of Vietnam’s pepper has also improved and the products are abundant with black pepper, green pepper, white pepper, powdered pepper, and pepper. pickled…”.

Introducing the strengths of Vietnamese spices and flavorings, Mr. Le Hoang Tai, Deputy Director of the Trade Promotion Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade said: “With strengths in climate, soil, agriculture and industry Vietnam’s spice and flavoring industry is undergoing an impressive transformation, making Vietnam an important source of spices and flavorings for the world market. Nam is very diverse and well received by the international market, such as: Cinnamon, anise, cloves, pepper, turmeric, ginger … “.

According to Mr. Le Hoang Tai, in recent years, through a variety of trade promotion activities and technical support, import partners, wholesale and retail distributors as well as people in many areas The world has had a different view of the modernization and renewal process of the spice and flavoring industry in Vietnam. Vietnamese exporters of spices and flavorings are increasingly meeting the strict requirements of foreign partners and are capable of providing high-value, high-quality products. Good quality and safety for many leading importers and premium distribution channels in many regions of the world.

India is a potential market for spices and flavorings of Vietnam. Mr. Bui Trung Thuong, Vietnamese Trade Counselor in India said: “India imports many spices, including pepper. Specifically, India’s annual import turnover of flavorings and spices reaches 1.4 billion USD, of which pepper imports reach 120 million USD and pepper imports from Vietnam reach 25-30 million USD.

In order for Vietnam’s spices and flavorings to successfully export to the world in general and India in particular, Mr. Bui Trung Thuong recommended, businesses need to apply science and technology, can research and develop products. , for example, a variety of seasoning ingredients mixed into a spice with a characteristic flavor. Businesses also need to learn the flavors of other countries to make products that meet the tastes of these markets, creating competition with similar products of other countries…

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