In the vibrant spirit of our early-year competitions, NIC GROUP proudly honors the exceptional individuals and teams who have tirelessly […]

In the vibrant spirit of our early-year competitions, NIC GROUP proudly honors the exceptional individuals and teams who have tirelessly contributed to the company’s success and growth in the first two months of 2024. We express deep gratitude and commendation to those who have demonstrated commitment and high dedication in their work. Their outstanding achievements and contributions are not only a great motivation for the entire NICER team but also a clear testament to professionalism and teamwork within NIC GROUP.

1.Ms. Nguyen Thi Lieu – Head of Import-Export Business Team, Hanoi Office

Through months of relentless efforts in market exploration, expansion, and maintaining customer relations, Ms. Lieu has achieved remarkable success. Exceeding the first-quarter targets by a significant margin, she has showcased her passion and creativity in approaching her tasks. Her award is not only evidence of exceptional salesmanship but also a significant encouragement for the entire NICER team.

Best star of the month NIC GROUP

Best star of the month NIC GROUP

2.Ms. Pham Thi Han – Administrative Personnel at Quy Nhon Plant

With enthusiasm and a high sense of responsibility, Ms. Han has excellently organized the “Year-End 2023 – Welcoming 2024” event at the Quy Nhon Plant. Through her creativity and dedication, she not only conceptualized and executed the entire program from scripts to decorations and entertainment but also excelled as the event’s MC, creating a vibrant and cohesive atmosphere. Additionally, her meticulous and professional execution of administrative tasks has contributed positively to the stability and development of the plant. Her achievements are not only a testament to personal effort but also a source of inspiration and pride for the entire NIC GROUP.

Best star of the month NIC GROUP

3.Ms. Vinh Thi Linh Phuong – General Accountant at Binh Duong Plant

In a challenging period with a surge in production orders, Ms. Phuong has demonstrated a high sense of responsibility and dedication. Through relentless efforts, she worked diligently overtime to ensure production schedules were met. By strongly coordinating with the production department, she significantly contributed to timely order fulfillment and product quality assurance. Furthermore, due to staffing shortages in the administrative department, Ms. Phuong willingly provided support and shared responsibilities. Through her flexibility and deep understanding of the job, she adeptly handled administrative tasks, maintaining the daily operations’ stability and efficiency at the Binh Duong Plant. Ms. Phuong’s dedication and professionalism not only serve as motivation but also as a strong example of commitment to NIC GROUP’s sustainable development.

Best star of the month NIC GROUP

4.Commendation for the Collective Staff at Binh Phuoc Plant for Winning the “Innovation Initiative” Award.

Under the guidance and encouragement of Department Manager Mr. Nguyen Duc Tung, the collective staff at Binh Phuoc Plant proactively sought out and implemented effective solutions to production issues. This success is not only an individual achievement but also a clear testament to the team’s autonomy, enthusiasm, and creativity within NIC GROUP. Through the implementation of the “Tray Sterilization Tool,” not only has production efficiency been enhanced but also labor safety and cost savings have been ensured. This method is not only a significant step in improving production processes but also a clear demonstration of teamwork and creativity within the collective. This success not only benefits the Plant and the Company but also contributes to building a safe, efficient, and sustainable working environment. NICERs are encouraged to maintain team spirit and be willing to share new ideas to further develop and achieve even more success together!

Best star of the month NIC GROUP

The exemplary efforts and contributions of these NICERs have forged a united and thriving community. We hope NICERs will continue to demonstrate their talents and passions, enabling NIC GROUP to grow stronger and more sustainable in the future.

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