Organic Cinnamon farming success story in Yen Bai


Cinnamon, a widely used spice in the food industry, has a long-standing history of cultivation in Vietnam. Khe Mang village […]

Cinnamon, a widely used spice in the food industry, has a long-standing history of cultivation in Vietnam. Khe Mang village in Phong Du Thuong commune, Van Yen district, is the largest cinnamon grower in the region. Mr Dang Thua Chau’s family is one of the village’s most successful cinnamon growers. They were among the first households to register for organic cinnamon production and sell to Visimex Joint Stock Company. Let’s discover his organic Cinnamon farming success story today.

The Organic Cinnamon Production Process

In the past, the Dao Khe Mang people grew cinnamon naturally, without using drugs or fertilizers. Mr Chau’s family continues this tradition and has never used herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Weeding is done by hand and generator, mainly because the family’s cinnamon area is up to 20 hectares.

Organic Cinnamon farming success story in Yen Bai

When Mr Chau was mobilized to produce pure cinnamon, he noticed that there was not much difference compared to how his family cultivated cinnamon. However, to ensure the organic certification, there were specific guidelines that he had to follow. For example, he had to make the drying floor high above the ground when drying cinnamon bark. He had to spread the clean canvas with crushed cinnamon products, dry them and put them in a clean container.

During storage, after drying, cinnamon products were placed high, not close to the floor or the ground, especially not near or mixed with toxic substances, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. The stage of transportation must also ensure safety and hygiene factors. He and the households registered to produce organic cinnamon in the village and the commune participated in training and specific technical instructions.

The Benefits of Organic Cinnamon Production

In 2019, Mr Chau’s family sold 1 ton of dried cinnamon bark with organic standards to Visimex Joint Stock Company for a much higher price than conventional products. At the end of the season, the company rewarded him with cash, which was the first time he received an award from the buyers.

“Anyone can produce organic cinnamon, and it’s not complicated”, Mr Chau shared. Organic cinnamon production helps cinnamon products of Phong Du Thuong commune, particularly Van Yen district, improve their position and brand reputation, have better competitiveness, and reach many international markets. Organic cinnamon production is more economical, bringing higher efficiency and economic value. In particular, the living environment will also be better protected for the lives of children and grandchildren of local people.

Visimex Joint Stock Company: A Pioneer in Organic Agriculture

Visimex Joint Stock Company has been a pioneer in organic agriculture in Vietnam with 20 years of experience exporting Vietnamese agriculture products. With a commitment to sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices, Visimex is a trustworthy partner for farmers who want to produce organic products and have access to international markets.

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The success story of Mr Chau’s family in producing organic cinnamon highlights the benefits of sustainable agriculture practices. With the help of companies like Visimex Joint Stock Company, farmers can access international markets and receive fair compensation for their hard work. Organic cinnamon production not only brings economic benefits but also helps protect the environment and improves the lives of local people.

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