Phú Yên develops hi-tech agricultural zone


Phú Yên on Monday announced the master plan of its high technology agriculture zone to 2030 to serve production of the south central coastal province and other regional localities.

Phú Yên Province targets to attact US$23 million to develop its high-tech
agriculture zone by 2020

The zone will focus on cultivation, breeding, forestry and aquaculture, as well as farm produce processing, preserving, bio-product and animal feed production.

The zone will act as a centre for research, application, experiment, performance and transfer of technology for production and processing of agricultural products as well as personnel training for the agricultural sector.

In the first stage, the zone will cover 460ha in Hòa Quang Bắc Commune in Phú Hòa District, including 306.6ha of production area.

By 2020, the zone will receive investment of over VNĐ520 billion (US$23 million) to build its infrastructure system, including irrigation, water pipeline, road and light systems, as well as a water supply station and a waste treatment plant.

So far, the zone has attracted seven projects. Currently, four are in operation, including a Taiwanese-invested high technology agriculture project.

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