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Joyous Mid-Autumn Celebration at Visimex and NIC Group Member Companies

The Mid-Autumn Festival is always a special time of the year, where happiness, joy, and love permeate every corner of […]

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Workers and Little Angels at Visimex Factories in Quy Nhon and Binh Duong

The Mid-Autumn Festival always marks a special time of year when joy, happiness, and love resonate in every corner of […]

Mid-Autumn Season - A Time for Sharing

The Mid-Autumn Festival represents a moment of joy, happiness, and a yearning to spread love within every heart. On this […]

Visimex - Vietnam's Agricultural Representative to Attend Anuga 2023 - The World's Largest Food Fair

Visimex, a leading player in the food industry, is gearing up for a significant presence at Anuga 2023, the world’s […]

NIC Group's Mid-Autumn Festival Team Building Event: Fostering Bonds and Memories

The Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived, Visimex and member companies of NIC Group including Nic Global and Ofitsoft organized a memorable […]