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It can be said that a nutritious diet is extremely important, one of the controversial drinks among gymers is coffee. […]

It can be said that a nutritious diet is extremely important, one of the controversial drinks among gymers is coffee. So should you drink coffee at the gym or not? Today, let’s find out with Visimex


Benefits of coffee for gym goers

We cannot deny the health benefits of drinking coffee in the right dose. For bodybuilders, it is also a drink used a lot by gymers. So if you ask a nutritionist if it is a good idea or not, we are sure they will answer yes.

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Increase exercise intensity

According to research, the caffeine  can inhibit the activity of adenosine – this active ingredient is responsible for sending signals to rest, making the body sluggish. If this active ingredient is inhibited, the excitement will last longer and the body will continue to exercise and forget fatigue.

Helps gymers stay awake

It can be said that caffeine has long been known for its effects in bringing alertness and maintaining the ability to concentrate. This substance also helps the brain operate more quickly and accurately. Therefore, gymers who want to maintain alertness during exercise can drink coffee before exercising.

Burn fat

Many people wonder whether or not they should drink coffee when exercising? So the answer is you should drink it. Because coffee can oxidize and burn fat during exercise. The effect can last up to several hours after exercise. Besides,  it also has the effect of reducing appetite, making it easier for you to cut calories without having to “struggle” with hunger.

Promote metabolism

When you drink it, your metabolism becomes stronger, helping your body burn energy faster. From there, the ability to accelerate nutritional metabolism in the body can be maintained for 3 hours after you drink . Thanks to efficient metabolism, weight control is also easier. Many people use coffee to lose weight every day as a safe way to lose weight.

Reduce muscle pain

According to science, people who exercise at high intensity can experience lactic acid accumulation. This is the cause of muscle pain, making many gymers depressed or affecting exercise performance. Therefore, caffeine stimulates the conversion of fat into energy instead of using glycogen – energy stored in muscles. Thanks to that, coffee limits lactic acid accumulation and helps muscles become more durable and less sore after exercise.

In addition, for everyone, coffee has other effects such as making the spirit happy and refreshed, protecting the body from infection and disease, enhancing memory,… With the With so many benefits, there is no reason why we refuse to drink coffee, right?

When should I drink coffee at the gym?

1. The best time to drink

So when is the best time for gymers to drink coffee? Coffee only really works when used at the right time. According to experts, the best time to use coffee for gymers is 30 minutes to 1 hour before exercising. Quantity. The amount of caffeine in the body will increase to its peak level about 45 minutes after drinking. If taken 30 – 60 minutes before training, gymers can focus maximum endurance, muscle strength and alertness on training. A strong metabolism and fat burning process also takes place inside the body, helping gymers maintain their ideal weight.

2. Note

However, some people have the habit of drinking coffee after exercise, which does more harm than good. Coffee stimulates diuresis so it is not good for gymers to drink at this time. In addition, drinking coffee after exercising will increase the production of the hormone cortisol – a hormone that can cause cardiovascular problems. In our body there is a hormone called Cortisol – a stress hormone. From 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm, cortisol levels tend to increase. Caffeine can increase cortisol, so the habit of drinking coffee at this time can increase stress.


Besides, gymers should only drink  about 5 hours before bed to avoid insomnia, causing the biological clock to be upset. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is also not recommended because it can affect the stomach. If you want to drink in the morning, drink it after eating!Drinking coffee in appropriate doses is very good for bodybuilders


What should Gymers pay attention to when drinking coffee?

However, when drinking , you need to note that a normal person should not use more than 450 grams of coffee per day. According to experts, the most suitable dosage for gymers is 200 – 300 grams. Although coffee has many health benefits, drinking too much can be counterproductive

The best type of coffee for gym goers is unsweetened coffee. Although sugar and milk make coffee taste more attractive and easier to drink, they are the “enemy” of gym goers because it can cause gymers to gain weight. In addition, sugar can increase blood sugar levels before exercise and cause the gymer to faint before exercising at high intensity. Pure black coffee will help reduce fat and gain muscle in the most effective way. Some people should not drink  such as kidney failure patients, people with blood pressure, heart disease, people with stomach problems, etc.


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