Visimex rewards best employees with outstanding achievements in April 2023


Visimex would like to honor & congratulate our best employees with outstanding achievements in April 2023: Best Employees of April […]

Visimex would like to honor & congratulate our best employees with outstanding achievements in April 2023:

Best Employees of April 2023:

Ms. Diem Thi Hanh: Head of Import-Export Sales Team – VPHCM: Mr. Hanh, with a spirit of initiative and high responsibility, achieved 146% of the target for Q1.2023 and reached 197% of the sales target of April 2023.

Ms. Tran Thi Thuy: Import-Export Salesperson – VPHCM: Ms. Thuy has always actively searched for new customers, grasped customer psychology, persevered with difficult customers, negotiated and closed many successfully. export contracts – reaching 151% of the target Q1.2023. Especially in April 2023, Thuy successfully completed the assigned target – reaching 733% of the sales target.

Mr. Tran Van Nguyen: Driver – Cashew Sales Department – Binh Phuoc VP: You did not mind day and night, difficult weather and long and difficult roads to complete the task well. Especially in April 2023, the frequency and volume of goods transported is high and continuous, you have made every effort to ensure safe vehicle operation and timely delivery.

Award “Innovation Initiative”:

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Trang: Designer of PR & Marketing Department: By learning and applying AI Revoicer technology to audio production and voiceover service for Visimex’s Video system, Trang has helped save costs. 50% & up to 70% time compared to traditional methods

Video using this technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIUT16iL-wQ&t=2s

Hot Bonus:

Ms. Phan Vu Hoang Yen: Production Accountant – Quy Nhon Factory.
In the past month, Yen has constantly made efforts to complete the assigned work well: well control the data of production and processing stages, analyze data and timely report to adjust the production plan. export. In addition to professional work, Yen is in charge of supporting part of the work of the ISO department and has completed the work of completing the profile in the last Organic assessment. This effort has brought about general efficiency for the production and business activities of the department and the company.

The best employees received the reward in April 2023 for their constant efforts, showing a high sense of responsibility at work, successfully completing the assigned work goals, contributing to the overall efficiency of the department’s business activities. and the company

It is hoped that in the following months, more members of the Company will receive the award decision of the Board of Directors.

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