VISIMEX deploys the “3 on-site” option and the spirit of determination from staff


In the past few days, in the face of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, VISIMEX Group Joint Stock Company […]

In the past few days, in the face of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, VISIMEX Group Joint Stock Company (Visimex Corp., JSC) has actively implemented the “3 on-site” plan to ensure both production, business and disease prevention and control. The collective of staff members participated with enthusiasm and determination to fight the epidemic, bringing business and production activities to continue to grow.
According to the instructions at all levels and regulations of the southern localities, enterprises are allowed to operate when meeting both production and isolation of workers with the motto “3 on the spot” (production on the spot, eating at the same place). place, rest in place). Visimex has recognized the above plan very early, so it actively and closely and effectively implemented it. And make a plan to organize well from logistics such as arranging dining, sleeping and working shifts to ensure the material and spiritual life of employees.

Image of Covid-19 screening test at Quy Nhon factory

Image of Covid-19 screening test at Binh Duong factory

1. Visimex makes decisions to ensure employees’ health
Visimex Group Joint Stock Company has proactively established a safe zone to ensure the health of workers and maintain production at its Quy Nhon and Binh Duong factories. From July 19 at Binh Duong factory and July 29 at Quy Nhon factory, Visimex arranged a place to work, eat and sleep at the company for workers, officers and employees. In addition, Visimex also implemented many measures in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control such as establishing a Steering Committee for epidemic prevention and control; distributing masks and disinfectant water to all employees; request all employees to strictly abide by the 5K message of the Ministry of Health.
To ensure safety, Visimex conducts disinfection twice a week in functional areas; require officials and employees to regularly make medical declarations; Take your temperature and monitor your health regularly. Employees staying at the factory are provided with enough meals for the day by the company and financial support to overcome difficulties. In addition, meals are arranged according to separate meals, sitting 2m apart and divided into three meal time frames, 30 minutes apart. Regarding the Bac Giang factory, the facility has performed very well the 3rd phase in place to ensure production during the past time, now is starting a new situation under the direction of the government but still strictly adheres to the regulations. rules of epidemic prevention.

Employees eat and drink at their own rate and sit 2m apart
2. Inspiring anti-epidemic spirit from Visimex staff
In difficult times, spirit is the most valuable asset, and Visimex staff are the people who have that asset. All staff at the factories strictly comply with the anti-epidemic spirit according to the directives of the state and regulations from the leadership. This determination helps to ensure the production and business activities of the company. In addition, at these times, the spirit of solidarity and solidarity from colleagues is highlighted. The masks and antibacterial bottles are shared by employees to ensure the fight against the epidemic. Events such as birthdays are still held small but cozy and beaming with laughter. From Hanoi, morale-boosting clips posted on Nicer Tan Gau Association help southern employees feel more confident and determined to win the pandemic and maintain production activities.

Quy Nhon factory celebrates birthday during the epidemic season
Wishing all staffs and employees of Visimex at the bridge points always healthy, keeping the spirit, ensuring production and business activities according to the set goals.

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