Organic cinnamon plantation changes farmers’ lifes


In the northern highlands of Vietnam, most people depend on agroforestry production. Thanks to the suitable climate & soil, the […]

In the northern highlands of Vietnam, most people depend on agroforestry production. Thanks to the suitable climate & soil, the cinnamon trees grow very well in this area.

Yen Bai – The capital of Vietnam’s Cinnamon

However, despite the favorable natural conditions, the cinnamon production here was unsustainable because the farmers were mainly ethnic minorities, who only planted trees with their own experience and no guaranteed output. Working hard on fields but farmers’ income is still uncertain. With the desire to support farmers to continue their jobs without worrying about the future, Visimex developed an organic cinnamon plantation of 1000 ha in Phong Du Thuong commune, Van Yen district, Yen Bai province.
Visimex famers peeling Organic Cinnamon tree

Visimex corporate with local farmers in developing organic cinnamon plantations.

To ensure the organic production process, Visimex cooperated with HELVETAS Swiss organization in the implementation of the BIOTRADE SECO project to train farmers on using natural chemical medicine, manual farming, plant diary recording,…

More than 200 Dao households have participated in this project which together develops 1000 ha organic cinnamon plantation, as the result, their average income is 1.5 times higher.
Growing organic cinnamon trees without using chemical drugs also ensures the goals of forest development, biodiversity, and protect the environment.
For the organic cinnamon growing and processing industry to develop sustainably, Vietnam needs to have suitable and timely preferential loans for the ethnic people who grow cinnamon to feel secure in their development. There should be a master plan for organic cinnamon growing and production areas so investors can develop a long-term investment strategy.
Many Vietnamese businesses have decided to invest in organic cinnamon growing projects to support the knowledge and the standard organic cinnamon growing process, bringing positive results. Among them is Visimex Corporation Joint Stock Company.
Visimex is a member of the NIC GROUP, established in 2002 with the ambition to become a leading supplier of spices and agricultural products. Organic cinnamon products provided by Vinamex company have been recognized for their safety and ensuring the criteria in the global market and customers.
Customers looking for spices and agricultural products from Vietnam will find comfort and satisfaction at Visimex because product quality is our best priority.
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