37 Cancer Fighting Foods & Drinks – Part IV final


Several factors are involved when it comes to cancer, but food seems to be one of the major things you can do as far as actions to take. The body thrives when it is given the building blocks to stay healthy and vital, and it struggles when it’s not given these sort of essential nutrients. In addition to lessening the chances of getting cancer, by eating these types of wholesome, nutrient-laden foods you’re also shoring up your defenses against many other illnesses and conditions as well.


The nice part about strawberries is that in addition to being delicious they’re also great for the body, and can help it overcome many trials and tribulations. One of these is it’s ability to battle back pre-existing cancer, or stop the onset beforehand. It also makes for a really great smoothie, and if you want to power up this superfruit you can add raspberries and blueberries to the mix to make it a true warrior. Just be sure to leave out the added sugar and keep it all natural. Now that’s a drink you can toast to your health!


Spinach has been touted as one of the healthiest foods on the planet and it’s also a great cancer-fighter as well. It’s so nutrient dense that you don’t have to eat a lot of it to get all of the benefits you need. It’s also easily blended into a smoothie, adding extra water and a lot of phytonutrients, and turning your smoothie green. Studies show that the more spinach you eat on a regular basis, the lower your chance of getting cancer across the board. That’s why it’s important not to eat a ton of it one day, and then go a week without it. Focus on consistently eating smaller portions.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts contain selenium, which has been shown to help lower your risk of getting various types of cancers. The benefits of these nuts don’t stop there, as they also contain fiber as well as some plant-based protein, which aids in your overall health and can help to keep you at a stable weight. It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that it’s your overall well-being that it going to help you prevent or send cancer packing. That’s why you should be comprehensive about eating right, exercising, and thinking positive thoughts.


Lentils have been shown to work specifically on a few types of cancer, such as bowel cancer, and breast cancer. They appear to help the body produce enzymes that have anti-cancer benefits. As a bonus they’re also good at regulating blood sugar levels, and are digested slowly by the body, helping you to feel fuller longer. This makes them very diet friendly, and maintaining a healthy body weight has also proven to help prevent diseases like cancer. If you’ve never used lentils in your cooking before, you can either buy them in the can, or buy them in their raw state and boil them until they’re soft.


The same element that helps defend almonds against insects has been shown to help prevent cancer in humans. One interesting thing about almonds and walnuts is that they have a pattern on them that resembles that of the human brain, and coincidentally it’s the brain that almonds help protect from cancerous tumors. To get right down to the matter, if you were to develop a cancerous brain tumor, almonds would help to make sure that it doesn’t multiply. When you combine them with the other foods on this list you’re doing your all to help prevent the situation altogether.


Here is another way to help protect yourself against breast cancer in particular. The extract of peaches has been shown to really give cancer a hard time, even going so far as destroying cancer cells. But it’s not a matter of eating a bushel full of peaches, since the extract is coming from the seed, which contains the same substance that’s found on almonds – which also made it on this list. This doesn’t mean that you have to start munching on peach pits, but rather look for products that contain peach extracts for the best results.


Miso is a staple food in Japan, and is served with many dishes in soup form. For several years now it’s been thought of as a powerful deterrent to cancer, and the low cancer rates coming out of Japan are an indication that they’re doing something right. Of course a lot of it has to do with the overall lifestyle, and you can’t attribute it to one thing in particular, but there seems to be some great benefit to getting a daily serving of miso, although you might have trouble trouble fitting in the three bowls a day that show the best results.


If you typically only eat pumpkin in the form of pumpkin pie during the holidays, you may want to introduce yourself to this helpful vegetable as a side dish at some meals. The cancer blocking properties of pumpkins are well-documented, and there is even a campaign to plant pink pumpkins during breast cancer awareness month to remind people to eat more pumpkin. It is not only breast cancer that it is supposed to help with. Give strong consideration to eating the seeds as well, as they contain plenty of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to defy cancer.

Pomegranate Juice

You may have jumped on board the pomegranate juice craze that peaked a few years ago, or perhaps you’ve never tried it. No matter your history, it’s something that you can up your intake of if you want to reduce the likelihood that you’ll get cancer. Those with breast cancer in their family history should really take note, since it’s been shown to have a direct effect on those percentages. But it also shows signs of working on all types of cancer cells, slowing their growth and helping to stop the rapid spread that claims so many lives.


Lemons are typically reserved for garnishing a food dish or a beverage, or for lemonade, but research suggests that they should be thought of on a regular occasion for their cancer fighting traits. Don’t be fooled by email spam claiming that lemons are more potent than chemotherapy, but don’t write them off either. They do contain high levels of vitamins, including Vitamin C, so you’re getting a good amount of antioxidants that have been shown to help prevent cancer, or slow down its growth rate if you’ve already got it. Try adding lemon juice to a salad or smoothie, or to a glass of plain water to flavor it up.

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