Bến Tre to up industrial investment


BẾN TRE – The southern province of Bến Tre will promote investment to provide value addition to key industrial products and increase the capacity of industrial production.

The coconut processing industry is one of the key industrial sectors in Bến Tre Province.

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This is being done according to the provincial development plan of the industrial sector in the period between 2016 and 2020, and  upto 2030.

Phan Thị Hân, deputy director of Bến Tre Province’s Department of Industry and Trade, said that after one year of implementing the plan, the province had attracted VNĐ580 billion to 33 investment projects in the key and priority industrial products.

Thanks to those projects, the production value of the key industrial products increased significantly and accounted for higher percentage in the total provincial production value.

In addition to this, the projects have developed new industrial products and clean energy, while many projects on producing wind power and solar power were scheduled to be developed in the future.

To gain high efficiency in the plan, Bến Tre has focussed on investment in the infrastructure development of industrial parks and complex, the creation of favourable conditions for inviting investment and the increase of industrial production capacity. The province will also invite investment in key and prioritised industrial products, and products that have high added value and use modern technology to reduce environmental pollution.

Bến Tre has identified two key industries, including the seafood processing industry and the coconut processing industry. Other seven prioritised industrial products include the support industry for the garment industry; production of livestock feed; chemical industry; mechanical industry; electronics, telecommunications, information technology and software industry; livestock processing industry; and the industry producing new energy.

Trương Duy Hải, Vice chairman of the People’s Committee of Bến Tre, said that to promote industrial development and contribute to economic growth and restructure, the province will adjust preferential policies for investment to infrastructure in industrial zones and complexes. It will also amend support policies for start-up businesses to mobilise economic sectors to participate in industrial development.

The province will lure investment in agricultural and fishery processing projects, especially shrimp processing, livestock processing, support industry and clean energy, he said.

The province will continue to improve the investment environment, enhance dialogue and meet business to remove difficulties in production and business, he said. It will reform further administrative procedures and update regulations relating to production and business.

At the same time, Bến Tre will improve quality and efficiency in the activities of trade promotion, market forecast, support for enterprises in using e-commerce and market expansion.

Bến Tre has currently had two industrial parks, Giao Long and An Hiệp, with 47 projects in total. It has completed the plans to develop three other industrial parks and called for investment in their infrastructure. They are Giao Hòa, Thanh Tân and Phước Long industrial parks.

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