Kết quả từ khóa: coffee

The Vietnamese market is in need of processed coffee

In addition to export, the domestic market is also considered as a potential market for processed coffee products. According to […]

Vietnamese coffee flooded the Thai market

According to the International Trade Commission, Thailand’s coffee imports in the first nine months of 2020 reached 48.1 thousand tons, […]

Learn about Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee has the scientific name Coffea arabica, also known as tea coffee, with a caffeine content of 1-2% lower […]

Vietnam exports over 1.7 million tonnes of coffee in 2020

Vietnam gained $2.7 billion from shipping an estimated 1.7 million tonnes of coffee abroad in 2020, accounting for over 10 […]

Vietnam reports higher coffee exports to the EU, as free trade agreement comes into force

Vietnam‘s coffee exports to the EU saw an increase during the first seven months of 2020. According to Luong Van […]

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